E-book: The Cambridge Guide to Children’s Books in English (2001)

The Cambridge Guide to Children’s Books in English
Posted By : jaybeere | Date : 14 Oct 2008 09:50 | Comments : 1

by Victor Watson (ed.)”The Cambridge Guide to Children’s Books in English”
Cambridge University Press (Aug 2001) | PDF | English | 63 MB | 826 pages | ISBN: 0521550645

This is a useful reference tool, and a great browsing item, too. The focus is on children’s books, not children’s literature-or strictly literary works. Coverage includes drama, television, comics, children’s annuals, adventure game books, and a range of media texts. The author states: “-I have tried, with the help of my advisory Editors, to do justice to the increasing and impressive range of successful children’s books produced in [the U.S., Britain,] Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West and East Africa and India; and to the exciting and extraordinary renaissances in children’s books that are currently taking place-for different reasons-in Ireland and South Africa.” Entries include authors, titles, topics, periodicals, editors, and librarians and are as varied as the “Nancy Drew series,” the “Goosebumps series,” and more extensive articles on informational books, fairy tales, and folktales and legends. The essay on “neglected works” is a concise piece on children’s writers whose works are “now largely forgotten; a book’s excellence is no guarantee of its survival.” “Sex in children’s books” provides insight into the changes in literature for young people. While this may not be an essential item for most collections, district libraries will want it.



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